May 30, 2004
by Darren Spindler

We couldn't ask for a better day for our first club dig of the season. After meeting at Tim Horton's we all headed for the dump with high hopes but many of us soon were dealing with high water. A member could be found down a hole at the ash layer standing in a good 8 inches of water. The soggy Victoria long weekend had really raised the ground water levels.

As for myself I had the same problem with the water so I concentrated on a secondary ash layer that was less defined than the deeper one. I wasn't expecting to find anything that high up and was digging like a madman when a clear "Dr. E.E. Burnside's Purifico" from Ashville, New York appeared in the roof of the hole. If I had leaned into the swing any more I would have cut it in half. Next I pulled an aqua Canadian straight-sided Coca - Cola from about the same level (believe it or not this was my first). Awhile later I exposed the base of an aqua quart soda. When I finally worked it free the embossing read "Pilgrim Bros. & Co." from Hamilton, Ontario. Everybody had a great time and we will be back again soon.
Ready to fight off any cave trolls.Taking a breather.A club member stares into the abyss.The late Barry Meckiffe having a good time.Almost hidden in the jungle.Always make sure to dig around and under the trees.Well rewarded.A hand finished E.B. Shuttleworth Chem Co'y Limited Toronto unearthed for a new life in this diggers collection.Found under the tree.Even though many of us couldn't get down to the ash layer there were still some great finds including this beautiful emerald green cure.Base of a Pilgrim Bros & Co. appearing in the roof of my hole.My finds for the day; quart Pilgrim Bros. & Co., Hamilton, Ontario - Dr. E.E. Burnside's Purifico, Ashville, New York - Canadian stright sided Coke.
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