December 24, 2003
by Maurice Kenny

Hi its Maurice, and yes I had to get my fix one more time for 2003. No last minute shopping for me on Dec 24. It had been raining for the last couple of days, and the temperature was in the plus, so I made a last minute decision to dig in a favourite spot of mind. As you can see I had two holes going. I chose this spot because all my other holes had turned into ponds or quick sand. The one on the left had been a dud on two previous tries and only found an American beer today. The hole on the right, at first had only a small pocket of six blank bottles, however when I tunnelled to the back of this shallow hole it started producing.

Maurice's finds for the day are as follows;

1) Pottery master ink stamped "54 Doulton Lambeth"
2) small "Horlick's" (clear/screw top)
3) "Ames" (clear/round)
4) "Ames" (clear/square)
5) "Nonsuch MFC Co Manufactures ltd Toronto" (aqua)
6) "Whittmore Boston U.S.A." (aqua)
7) Two "One Ounce True Dentalloy We Guarantee An Ounce Of Alloy Not A Bottle Full" (clear)
8) "RD BB 1912" (aqua)
9) "unknown bottle"-"Redligh Chicago Serial No 687-935 Patent 852242"-on bottom (clear/screw top/ground lip)
10) "Murch The Prescription Druggist East Toronto" 80z (clear)
11) "Berghoff Fort Wayne, IND." (aqua/registered-on bottom)
12) "One Ounce Success Alloy Refiners of Cold & Silver & co Treated for Contraction The Wilkinson co. Toronto" (clear/square/ground screw top)
A lot of broken dishware (not shown) and pottery pieces is typical of this spot that dates around 1910-1918.With just a quick clean the bottles came up in very good condition.
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