3 G's Milk Bottles of the World
3 G's Milk Bottles of the World
A collector of "Family Bottles"

1001 Ink Bottles
Selling Collectable Antique & Vintage Ink Bottles 1885 to

American Bottle Auctions
Formerly Pacific Glass Auctions

American Glass Exchange
Antique Flasks, Bottles, Pressed Glass, Blown Glass and
much more!

Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine
Subscribe to the magazine and visit Glass Works Auctions

Antique Bottles of Baltimore
Chris Rowell's collection of early Baltimore bottles

Antique Medicines.com
Matt's Collectibles

Antique Bottle Mysteries
Information about rare and collectible glass bottles from a
member of the glass bottle mold manufacturing industry

Antique Bottle Sales
Flasks, Bitters, Sodas, Stoneware & More Bottles For Sale

Antique Bottle Trader
Bottles for Sale!

Antique Poison Bottles
Collection of Poisons

Aqua Explorers.Com
A complete guide to bottle collecting, and identification

Beer Bottle Collectors
We collect, sell and trade beer bottles

Bottle Sales

Bottle collectors forum

Dan Morean's site for bottles from 1950 or earlier

Breweriana - Collectibles from U.S. Breweries

Cape May County Bottle Collectors
Ed and Mark Runyon's site

Crocker Farm
The Nation's Premier Auction of Fine Antique American
Stoneware and Redware Pottery

Crown Jewels of the Wire Auction
Annual Benefit Auction for Crown Jewels of the Wire

Crowncap Collectors Society International
International corklined crowncap database

Doug & Linda's Dairy Antique Site
Butter Churns, Milk Bottles & Cream Separators

Flaschenjager - Bottle Hunter
Virginia Bottle Site

Hair Raising Stories
19th and early 20th century hair preparations, their
proprietors, and the bottles they came in

High Desert Antique Bottle & Medicinal Tonic Website
Oregon Bottle Site

Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website
The Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management

Historic Glass House
Antique bottles and glass for sale

Jeff and Holly Noordsy
Specializing in the sale of early American bottles & glass

Wisconsin Bottle Collectors

My Antique Bottle Collection
Mike Cianciosi's Collection

Norman C. Heckler & Company
Antique glass & bottle auctions

North American Glass
Greg Spurgeon Auctions

Old West Bottles
Antique Bottle Collecting in the West

Oregon Trail Antique Bottles & Glass
Connecting Quality People with Quality Glass

Dedicated to pre-prohibition shot glasses in all their glory

Ralph Kipp's Milk Bottle Web Site
Milk Bottles for Sale or Trade

Soda and Beer Bottles of North America
Providing information on North American hand-made glass
and pottery soda and beer bottles

The Bottle Den
Specializing in pontiled soda & mineral waters

The Bottles of Jacob Wirth
Boston Brewer

The Manhattan Well Diggers
Welcome To The Manhattan Well Diggers Historical Digging
And Networking Site

The Memphis Diggers
Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

Virginia Drugstore Bottles
Mike Cianciosi's Collection
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