Anciennes Bouteilles de Médicament du Québec
Quebec Medicine Bottles

Antique B.C. & Vancouver Island Bottles
Antique Bottles & 'OLD STUFF' from Vancouver Island ..
B.C. and Beyond

Antique Bottles of Vancouver and British Columbia
Wayne J. Wagar's Site, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Bouteilles Anciennes du Québec
Quebec Bottles

City Dairy Toronto
New Book on the History of City Dairy

Collection Légaré
Quebec Stoneware


Historic Bottles of the British Military
Admiralty Arrow Antique Glass Bottles

Historic Bottles of Vancouver Island
Bottles produced for and used by Vancouver Island
companies and entrepreneurs

Laiteries du Québec
Covering hundreds of dairies in the province of quebec

Les Bouteiles du Québec
Collection Steve Lussier

Maple Leaf Auctions
Specialists in Canadian antique bottles, crocks and tins

Poteries Anciennes du Québec
Website dedicated to early Québec stoneware and ginger
beers etc.
Late Persian glass…clearly more than "just saddle flasks"

The Canadian Bottle Lovers Page
Gallery of Canadian Sodas

The Canadian Stubby Beer Bottle
Canada's nationial beer bottle from 1961 to 1984
Anciennes Bouteilles de Médicament du Québec
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